Pier and Beam Repair in Dumas

Dumas Foundation Repair is your trusted source for the highest quality pier and beam repairs and house leveling services for the Dumas area. We believe that everyone should be able to afford a high-quality foundation repair company in order to protect their investment and loved ones. Dumas Foundation Repair offers the lowest foundation repair prices. Our company offers the highest level of customer service, quality products, and services, along with the lowest prices available in the Dumas Foundation Repair area.

A building that uses a crawl space will typically utilize a pier and beam system. It takes specialized understanding to collaborate with systems of this kind, where a standard concrete slab is solid as well as firm, a system of this kind is composed of a number of tactically positioned piers and beams. The drawback of this is that they are typically constructed from timber as well as the wood decomposes so if it is not changed it can cause serious architectural damage-causing collapse. Whatever your existing scenario, Dumas Foundation Repair is here in order to help. There is no work also big or small and we prepare to tackle projects of any type of type. So allow the pier and beam repair service experts at Dumas Foundation Repair to assist you.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair contractor in Dumas, Texas!. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • House Leveling
  • Pier And Beam Repair Methods
  • Preventative Maintenance For Pier And Beam Foundations
  • And More Pier And Beam Repair Services!

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House Leveling

If you have begun to notice cracks in your foundation, walls, or ceilings, plumbing problems such as slow drainage or backups, or doors that don’t open or close properly, a potential cause for these issues could be a serious problem such as an uneven foundation. In some cases, a sagging or structurally weak foundation is best repaired with a house leveling solution, in which the necessary parts of your home are propped up while the foundation underneath is leveled and repaired.

Pier And Beam Repair Methods

Your pier and beam foundation keeps your home level and prevents walls, floors, doors, and windows from sustaining damage due to shifting soil. If your existing piers are still in decent shape, we may use them to adjust the level of the home. If it turns out that the existing piers don’t provide the right amount of support, your contractor might dig a new footing and fill it with strong concrete. There a different pier and beam repair methods that we may employ to bring your home back to level.

Preventative Maintenance For Pier And Beam Foundations

As with any other home maintenance, it’s vital to schedule pier and beam foundation repair as soon as you notice signs of foundation damage. Ignoring needed repairs often allows cracks and chips to grow, and for a home to settle and shift, leading to interior damage as well.

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